Office Manager

I have been working with Greg and Audrey for 20+ years. I first came to this office as a patient seeking treatment for chronic back pain caused by a serious car accident I was in my senior year of high school. I was so impressed with the results that I have become a true advocate for chiropractic care! It took me awhile to talk my husband Jeff into coming in for treatment of chronic headaches. Once he did, he soon realized the benefits of chiropractic versus popping aspirin like candy. Jeff and I have had both of our children getting regular adjustments since they were born and both have been extremely healthy children. Megan and Jacob feel very lucky to have their mom working for a chiropractor. Both kids have been very involved in athletics and know the positive effects of keeping things mechanically aligned on their performance.

The best part of my job is the patients! I love getting to know them and it is especially awesome knowing that we can help them make their lives better. I tell people all the time that it is so rewarding to hear just about every person that comes in our office each day say they feel better when they leave.

Jennifer's Family

Jacob graduated from Regina High School in Iowa City where he participated in Soccer and was the kicker for the football team. Jacob attended the University of Northern Iowa and was a kicker on the football team his Freshman year. He has recently switched gears and transferred to the University of Iowa to pursue other academic avenues.

Megan graduated from Regina High School where she participated in just about everything! Megan was active in several sports as well as the performing arts. Chiropractic kept her in good working order to keep up with her active life style. Her post high school career included 2 years at UNI, graduating from Allen College with a bachelors degree in nursing and is now working at Methodist Hospital in Des Moines.